Letter to the Economic Resilience Task Force

The City of Calgary has established a COVID-19 Economic Resilience Task Force (ERTF). Together with our partners at the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good and Sustainable Calgary, the Calgary Climate Hub wrote a letter outlining how environmental resilience can be the foundation for a more resilient economy. 

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ENMAX Campaign Launched!

The Calgary Climate Hub has launched our latest campaign! We are working to get Calgary’s electricity utility, ENMAX Corporation, to go net zero emissions by 2050.

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Input on Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan Review

Update: Comments submitted to Administration

The Calgary Climate Hub and Sustainable Calgary combined forces to submit comments. Download our letter outlining our priorities here.

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We Won!

Green Line Approved!

City Council tonight approved Stage 1 of the Greenline from Shepard to 16 Ave NW. Last-minute amendments will see the line built in stages to de-risk the project. 

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Support the Green Line Before It's Too Late

The Green Line is under threat. A small group of well-connected people has mounted a campaign to delay it and go back to the drawing board on design. This will likely kill the whole project, and make it much more difficult to get a major transit project approved in the future. 

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Write to Your Councillor About Green Stimulus

Remember last spring, before COVID-19? We may look back on the 'before times' thinking it was normal, but it wasn't. Normal was a crisis. Now, as we begin to re-start our economy, we need to think about what we want for our city once the pandemic is over.

The Calgary Climate Hub's Green Stimulus campaign is the effort to remind our elected officials that any new funding for infrastructure or other stimulus must consider climate impact as well as a just transition to a clean energy economy. We are working with City Council to ensure five key climate priorities and support for the most vulnerable:

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Take Action on Green Stimulus: Letters to the Editor

Why write a Letter to the Editor?

All around the world, governments are under pressure to spend money in post-COVID-19 economic stimulus. Fossil fuel companies and other vested interests are lobbying hard, but a big push for climate action is coming from forward thinking bankers like Mark Carney, investor groups like Ceres, and highly regarded research organizations like the International Energy Agency. We can add to that with voices from the grassroots, and one powerful way to do that is with a Letter to the Editor.
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Check out the Hub's Youtube channel

We're excited to announce that the Calgary Climate Hub is now on Youtube! You can find videos from our speaker series,  A Climate of Change. We will be adding new videos weekly. Subscribe for updates.



The Social Distance Earth Hour YYC!

I hope you're doing well. I personally am overwhelmed with the near universal 'we're in this together' feeling I'm experiencing from my fellow Canadians and especially Calgarians. 
Regarding Earth Hour YYC we're keeping the party going online! We've also decided to scale back the requirement to 'power down' our lights or laptops. Folks are making enough sacrifices right now and both emissions and carbon footprint levels haven't been better in the modern age. That doesn't mean we let Earth Hour pass by this year, quite the contrary. Folks need to celebrate and this is a valuable time to ensure we're celebrating the right things.
This Earth Hour, from our now stuck-at-home fellow Calgarians, we're asking them to share their thoughts about the earth during these unprecedented times, their hopes for it once we've beaten Covid19 as well as solutions, technologies and innovations in their community that would better position us for future challenges like this one. We'll be asking folks to share what community they belong to in their post if they feel comfortable sharing that information. Each entry to any of the social networks for either Arusha Centre or the Hub gets entered to win this pretty rad espresso machine!
Espresso Machine.png
From our Community Associations if you're overwhelmed, WE GET IT. You do you. If you *do* want to participate we'd ask that at least one of your board or members creates a post about your CA in reference to the earth or even just things you're doing to help or cope during this crisis. We also ask that you retweet or share widely any Earth Hour YYC post that makes mention of your community. Any post from our CAs gets entered into a draw for a jumbo Jenga set for when we're all ready for a grand re-opening party! (and gives us an excuse to talk about your association!)
Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 3.36.40 PM.png
Ever forward (and now more than ever),
Steve Bentley
Calgary Climate Hub

YOUR 2020 Community Climate Conversations

The 'Community Climate Conversations' (CCCs) are a city spanning initiative that brings a host of bonafide climate experts to Calgary communities so citizens can not just listen to them but engage with them (and each other) in *real* conversations about the climate topics that resonate with them the most, from Climate Science to Renewable Energy to Eco-Anxiety to you-name-it!

Our events in Sunnyside, Marda Loop, the East Village, Sunalta, Marlborough and for the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good have been solid successes in our books as we have had good attendance and responses from those communities!

We want to keep this ball rolling into 2020 and beyond so we're very happy to announce our next Conversation in Renfrew on January 23rd at the Renfrew Community Association! 

Here is our RSVP link for the Renfrew Conversation. Please register and feel free to share with your networks (*especially* if they live or work in Renfrew!): https://www.calgaryclimatehub.ca/ccc7_renfrew

Beyond Renfrew we've lined up Conversations in communities near you right through to August (we take a break in July).

Community Association   Date
Renfrew   Jan 23
Pineridge   Feb 11
West Hillhurst   March 24
Bridgeland-Riverside   May 3
Killarney   Aug 25th


Let's work together on an impactful 2020 for Climate in Calgary!

 See you at the Conversations!