CCH Book ClubAt the Hub, we are passionate about working to protect our environment and resources and promoting a sustainable way of living. Consequently, we are enthusiastic about learning and exchanging opinions on these matters.

That is why we host this Book Club, to expose ourselves to different ideas and explore new ways of making a positive impact.

Book Cover: Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle, by Lloyd Alter

In April, we met to discuss our first read of the year: Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle: Why Individual Climate Action Matters More than Ever by Lloyd Alter.

Lloyd Alter is a writer, public speaker, sustainable design instructor, and former architect, builder, and developer. He has written over 14,000 articles published on and the Mother Nature Network, and he has contributed to The Guardian, Corporate Knights, and Azure magazines. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

The book tackles the issue of how to start cutting back your personal GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. Amongst other things, it covers:

  • What it looks like to live a rich and truly green life
  • From take-out food, to bikes and cars, to your internet usage – finding the big wins, ignoring the trivial, and spotting marketing ploys
  • The invisible embodied carbon baked into everything we own and why electric cars aren't the answer
  • How to start thinking about sufficiency rather than efficiency
  • The roles of individuals versus governments and corporations.

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