Thank you to everyone who got involved by:

Thank you for getting engaged!

This election was an especially important one - we elected a new mayor and at least 10 new councillors. We can make big changes happen for the Calgary we envision. Municipal policies have some of the biggest impact in our day to day lives, yet it has the lowest voter turnout compared to provincial and federal elections - together, we helped to change that. 

We saw with the U.S Election that climate action matters to voters and their representatives listened. This is our chance to amplify our voices and make a difference - the closer to home the issue is, the more we can influence our representatives.

We want our representatives to know that Calgarian voters care about climate action. Our newly-elected councillors must address our climate concerns and act on them.

We believe in our city and the power of our people. We proved our community resiliency by showing up for the victims of the floods, forest fires, and hailstorms. We supported our local businesses during the pandemic. We advocated for #DefendABParks. We showed that when we come together as a community, we can make a difference and keep our representatives accountable for the action we want to see.

Meaningful climate action goes beyond environmental preservation - it provides a framework for equity, reconciliation, job creation and building a healthier future for our future generations.

Calgary Climate Hub is non-partisan. We do not endorse any one candidate or party in any election. We advocate for public policy that supports climate action.


Joan Lawrence


Writer, interpretive planner, climate activist in Treaty 7 territory.