Cities hold the keys to climate action. If we can do it here, you can do it anywhere. 


The Climate Lens is a multimedia platform produced by the Calgary Climate Hub. We put the big stories of our time under the climate lens as they happen, so you know how they fit into the biggest story of our lifetimes: the climate emergency. We will take it all back to local level climate action, were you have the best shot at achieving real impact. You will have a front row seat for what we are doing here in Calgary, right now! This is ground zero coverage of Climate Change and the Energy Transition in Canada. 

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Your support is critical to this mission, any donation big or small is welcome and will be put to good use. How can YOU support the Climate Lens? Join the Climate Lens 'Focus Group.'

These shows aren't created in isolation. They start with great conversations amongst smart people that care about the right things. We're going to ask the tough questions and follow the Truth wherever it leads us. There are three ways you can support the Climate Lens and join our climate insiders community Focus Group:

1) One-time donations can be made at this donation link via CanadaHelps

2) A small monthly Patreon subscription at just $5 /month

3) If you're cash-strapped, we get it (believe me). Your voice matters as much as anybody's. Reach out and we'll get you in there.


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