The goal of this campaign:

By August 2024, ensure administration is directed to build a Primary Cycling Network as part of the creation of a 5A Network Implementation Plan, with funding, additional to that acquired in budget 2022, allocated to complete 100km.

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Burning of gas and diesel in vehicles represents 32% of Calgary’s emissions. A key means of eliminating these emissions is by shifting vehicle use to active modes such as walking and cycling. Calgary Climate Hub (CCH) had a big win in funding at the 2022 4-year budget cycle, gaining two amendments from council to the budget, totalling $40M in additional funds, for cycling (called 5A) infrastructure.

However, investment in cycling infrastructure is currently not done formally with a network in mind, such as with transit via the Primary Transit Network. Examples of a network approach to cycling infrastructure can be seen in Edmonton’s District Connector Network or Montreal's Route Express Velo (REV).

Without high quality connected cycling routes, Calgary will not be able to achieve the mode shift targets in the Climate Strategy. With more detailed planning for a high quality express 5A network, similar to the Primary Transit Network, 5A infrastructure will be more coherent and complete and CCH will have a more solid project from the city to advocate for.