As a non-profit organization, Calgary Climate Hub relies on annual membership fees to help pay for things such as this website, our Zoom account, campaign expenses and our administrative support person. We have very different membership fees: from $5 to $100. This is intentional. If you can afford it, please choose the $50 option to help us keep climate action on the agenda in Calgary. 

We are also committed to climate justice, and we don't want membership fees to be a barrier to participation. That's why we also offer a $5 option. All members are treated equitably. 

As a member, you get the following:

  • You will receive regular updates about the Hub's upcoming events through our newsletters
  • You will receive advance notice of events and campaign actions
  • You will receive an invitation to our Slack channel for member-to-member communications, including a jobs board
  • You can join our Book Club
  • You have voting rights during the Hub's AGM’s and Special Meetings (including election of the Boards of Directors)
  • You can become a Node Leader to develop initiatives aligned with the Hub Mission and Vision
  • You can run for a Director position
  • New this spring: You can get a discount on courses with Calgary's Urban Farm School

Last but not least, becoming a member helps demonstrate that there are Calgarians committed to climate action. There is strength in numbers! 

If you want to make a donation in addition to the $50 fee, please visit our donation page.

Please join us by becoming a member today!

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