What is Forests for Calgary?

The Calgary Climate Hub has teamed up with Alberta Ecotrust on the project Forests for Calgary. Together, we are establishing small urban forests using the successful Miyawaki method. Using this method, a densely-planted 'tiny forest' can grow many times faster than occurs in nature, making this an excellent tool for rapidly greening urban areas.

Forests Planted

Bowmont Park Tree Planting - October 2022

Marlborough Tiny Forest - June 2023

Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living Mini Forest - September 2023

Coming In 2024

Bowness Community Association Medicine Wheel Forest - June 2024

Genesis Centre Mini Forest - June 2024

How do you get involved?

Does your group have some land that is crying out for trees? A typical tiny forest only takes up the size of a tennis court! The Calgary Climate Hub is seeking partners such as schools, community associations and other community groups to work with us.

Do you want a Tiny Forest in your community?


  • Download our Partnership Booklet for more information.

  • The tiny forest application period is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply. If you are interested in volunteering for a forest planting event, we will be sending out announcements as we enter planting season and events are scheduled.

Join our volunteer list now to stay informed on future planting events.

To support this project, and other grassroots municipal climate action projects, please consider donating to the Calgary Climate Hub.


Image 1: Sample Forest Design by Heather Morigeau.

Image 2: A child taking part in an community planting event in Calgary, October 2022.

A huge thank you to the Nature Node for initiating this project, including Rob Miller, Heather Addy, Sandra Mills, Tom Schlodder, Lindsay Dandridge, and Dave Spencer.


Forests for Calgary is funded by Alberta Ecotrust Foundation’s Climate Innovation Grant Program.


We would also like to acknowledge the generous support from the following funders: