October 2022

To launch the Forests for Calgary project and to gain experience in hosting large-scale tree-planting eventsthe Calgary Climate Hub organized a community tree-planting event in Bowmont Park; Calgary Parks provided over 200 trees and shrubs and the Climate Hub recruited 125 volunteers.

Trees were planted in a ravine next to Silver Springs golf course and just west of Sarcee Trail in the Silver Springs neighbourhood. Calgary Urban Forestry delivered the plants and the Environmental Education team provided a safety talk and planting demonstration. Indigenous Elder Marilyn Shingoose provided a blessing and a smudge ceremony. Prior to the planting, the Hub also celebrated the signing of the contract with Forests for Calgary project manager Heather Morigeau.

"It was inspiring to see so many people working together to care for our shared home. Families with young children, Eco-Elders, students, and Hub Board members all took part in a bucket brigade to move the saplings to the planting location. (Hub Director Angela McIntyre may even have shed a tear or two of joy.)" - Joan Lawrence



Photos by Albert Woo


Forests for Calgary is funded by Alberta Ecotrust Foundation’s Climate Innovation Grant Program.