The goal of this campaign:

Before August 2024, ensure the Clean Electricity Regulations have passed, with minimal exceptions for GHG emitting electricity generation.

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As of 2022, GHG intensive electricity makes up 37% of Calgary’s carbon footprint. The decarbonization of electricity in Calgary, and by extension, Alberta has long been a facet of Calgary Climate Hub (CCH) advocacy, looking back at the successful CCH campaigns for an ENMAX commitment to net-zero and that the 2022 Calgary Climate Strategy include a commitment to net-zero by 2035. 

The Clean Electricity Regulations are a set of regulations that will mandate all electricity in Canada, with some exceptions, must be net-zero by 2035. Legislation supporting net-zero by 2035, was a 2021 campaign promise from the federal governing parties and it is critical that this legislation passes before a new election eventually comes. Notably the provincial government has a position against net-zero by 2035, so CCH can represent Albertan’s in favour of decarbonized electricity.