The Calgary Climate Hub is proud to announce that we have joined a coalition of organizations demanding significant changes be made to the Alberta Energy Regulator.

As Phillip Meintzer, from Alberta Wilderness Association, writes in the press release announcement:

"After repeated failures to adequately regulate energy development in Alberta, a new coalition of eight environmental, Indigenous, scientific, and civil society organizations are demanding the removal of fossil fuel representatives from the Board of Directors at the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), among other demands.

This new coalition—composed of Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA), Polluter Pay Federation (PPF), Keepers of the Water, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), Alberta Environmental Network (AEN), Calgary Climate Hub, Alberta Beyond Fossil Fuels, and Treeline Ecological Research— demands sweeping changes to the way the fossil fuel industry is regulated in the province to begin prioritizing Indigenous communities, Alberta’s ecosystems, and the public.

To begin moving in the right direction, the coalition is demanding the following changes to the legislative regime governing energy regulation in Alberta:

  1. Independence from the Fossil Fuel Industry on the AER Board of Directors.
  2. Decision Making Power for Indigenous Communities over Energy Industry Activities.
  3. Replace the Directly and Adversely Affected Test in the Hearing and Appeal Process with a Genuine Interest Test.
  4. Revisions to Alberta’s Mine Financial Security Program (MFSP) and the Liability Management Framework (LMF) that Uphold the Polluter Pays Principle.
  5. Increased Royalty Rates on the Revenues of Fossil Energy Projects.
  6. Establish and Enforce Strict Timelines for the Reclamation of Mine Sites and Other Infrastructure."


Read the full news release from Alberta Wilderness Association


Media Inquiries:

Phillip Meintzer, Conservation Specialist, Alberta Wilderness Association, [email protected], (403) 771-1647

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