Yes to the Climate Strategy and No to new developments


Calgary has a tremendous opportunity to benefit from a strong approach to the climate crisis. Council has signaled that it wants to seize this opportunity by passing a Climate Emergency Declaration. On May 31, Hub members and allies showed up at the Community Development Committee to support the Calgary Climate Strategy - Pathways to 2050. Next, the Strategy will go to full Council on July 5th for a vote.

Tell your City Councillor to take action on climate change

July is a critical month for climate change in Calgary. You can help!

  • On July 5, City Council will vote on the new Climate Strategy. The new Strategy will lay out an overall direction for achieving net-zero by 2050. Investing in climate action now will help avoid the worst effects of climate change, prepare our communities for severe weather events, and is predicted to save Calgarians an estimated $60-80 billion in energy costs, create over 160,000 jobs, and generate over $60 billion in GDP by 2050. 

The Calgary Climate Hub supports the Strategy and efforts to make it even better by adding a clear target for net-zero electricity by 2035, and ensuring implementation plans promote Clean, Connected, Protected Communities by: providing all Calgarians with access to low-carbon transportation; protecting human health with access to warming and cooling centres during severe weather events; and requiring that all municipally-owned affordable housing be retrofitted to net-zero as soon as possible. 

  • On July 26, Council will vote on whether to approve eight new developments which would add one per cent to Calgary’s GHG emissions. Calgary already has a 20 year supply of land designated for suburban development in 39 communities. Adding more will mean destroying over 300 hectares of natural assets, put more cars on the road, and increase our exposure to climate hazards, as well as committing The City to spend an additional $5 million in annual operating costs, leaving less money for other needed infrastructure and services. Read more on Global, CBC and Live Wire.

These decisions are particularly important because in November, City Council will be setting the budget for the next four years. 

Speak Up

Use the form below to send a message to the Mayor and your City Councillor telling them to vote “Yes” for the Climate Strategy and “No” for the new developments. You can personalize the message by adding why you care about climate change. 

Show Up

Join the Calgary Climate Hub, the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, and other concerned citizens on the steps of City Hall at noon on July 5 to show your support for climate action in our community.

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