Clean Connected Protected Communities must be a part of Calgary’s Climate Strategy


Calgary has a tremendous opportunity to benefit from a strong approach to the climate crisis. Council has signaled that it wants to seize this opportunity. The Community Development Committee will discuss the strategy on May 31st and Council will vote to pass the Climate Strategy in June.

We're asking councillors to advocate for clean, connected and protected communities being part of Calgary's Climate Strategy by ensuring the following actions are included in the strategy

  • Clean - The Climate Strategy will explicitly require net-zero by 2035 electricity, including from ENMAX, which the International Energy Agency says is required to get to overall net-zero by 2050.
  • Connected - The Climate Strategy will include the completion of the Green Line, Airport Line and Electrification of the Bus Fleet as key priorities to ensure all Calgarians have access to carbon free transportation.
  • Protected - The Climate Strategy will include specific actions to protect the health of people from extreme temperature, precipitation and air quality events, including providing cooling and heating spaces throughout the city.
  • Communities - The Climate Strategy will require all municipally-owned affordable housing be retrofitted to a net-zero standard as soon as possible.

Please consider the below sample letter when sending a message to your local city councillor. Letters sent to public officials are often reviewed by staff. Consider adding in personal stories and making the below letter your own, as it is key for it to push decision makers into action.


Please take action below: