What the heck is a ‘Node’?

A Node is a volunteer-led group that takes action. Quite simply, it’s how we organize the people doing the work. Some Nodes conduct campaigns to influence City council, others do the equally important work of supporting Hub operations or plan events. Some Nodes have sub-Nodes for specific campaigns or areas of interest.

What are the Nodes working on?

Right now, we have:

Mobilize Node

Keeps an eye on what is happening at City Hall. Current sub-Nodes are:

  • Transit
  • Buildings and Energy
  • Climate Resilience Strategy
  • Navigating City Hall
  • Established Area Growth & Change Strategy


Contact: mobilize@calgaryclimatehub.ca

Nature Node

Looks out for natural infrastructure, including habitat, biodiversity, and wetlands. Organizes nature-themed events and activities.


Contact: naturenode@calgaryclimatehub.ca


Our newest Node of people with a wealth of experience, this Node is currently deciding on what actions to focus on.


Contact: ecoelders@calgaryclimatehub.ca

Communications Node

Assists the Board and fellow Nodes with getting the word out through the newsletter, social media, the website, and graphic design.


Contact: commsnode@calgaryclimatehub.ca

Tech Node

Provides the technical expertise to run the website, our data-base, and communication tools.


Contact: technode@calgaryclimatehub.ca

Events Node

Gets us together for fun and informative events so we can know each other and up our game.


Contact: joe@calgaryclimatehub.ca

Partnership Node

Keeps in touch with other organizations to see where we can work together and support each other


Contact: joan@calgaryclimatehub.ca

Fundraising Node

Helps us raise the money to pay the bills by applying for grants and working with the Events Node.


Contact: admin@calgaryclimatehub.ca

Community Climate Conversations

Not technically a Node, as this is mostly Steve, one of our two very part-time staff members. Steve organizes CCCs at communities around the city to get people talking about climate. He can always use some help, so it's a great place to start.


Contact: hello@calgaryclimatehub.ca

How are Nodes different from the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good’s Research Action Teams?

The Calgary Climate Hub works closely with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good on campaigns which require mass mobilization, and which align with both organizations' values and areas of influence. For those campaigns, the Mobilize Node and the Calgary Alliance forms a joint Research Action Team, which we call the CRAT, or Climate Research Action Team. The Calgary Climate Hub also runs our own campaigns, events, and administration through our own Nodes.

How do I get involved in a Node?

Visit https://www.calgaryclimatehub.ca/membership to become a member, and then head over to  https://www.calgaryclimatehub.ca/volunteer to fill out the Volunteer form on the website. Specify what Node you are interested in joining. Give us your phone number and a good time to reach you. The Node leader will give you a call to talk about your interests and skills. Remember we are run by volunteers, and sometimes we get sick or take a vacation. If you haven’t heard from us within a week, send an email directly to the Node leader.

Do I have to volunteer with a Node?

We organize all our activities through Nodes, so you will have to get involved through one of them. However, you can be involved with more than one Node, and the time commitment is up to you. For example, you might volunteer with the Events Node to put up posters for one event, help with a presentation to City Council for the Mobilize Node, and do a bird count with the Nature Node. We will call on all of our members for some activities.

Why do I have to be a member?

We ask volunteers to become members for four reasons. One, it makes it easier to contact you and for you to find out what’s happening. Due to Canadian anti-spam legislation, we only send our newsletter to members. Two, it shows commitment on your part. Three, it helps all of us if we can say we represent an organization of so many members. Four, it helps pay for the limited staff we do have, and for tools and materials such as the website.

I’m already a member with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good. Do I still have to join the Climate Hub?

Yes, please. While we appreciate our close working relationship with the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, we do not get any funding from them. If you can’t afford a $50 membership, a $5 membership will get you our newsletter and the right to vote at our AGM.

Why do you have two prices for membership? Which one should I choose?

Membership fees help pay for our expenses. If you can afford it, a $50 membership pays for two hours of staff time, or two months of our website. We also offer a $5 option because we want everyone to become a member and want to make sure cost is not a barrier. If you truly can’t afford $5, contact admin@calgaryclimatehub.ca and we’ll set you up.

What are the member benefits?

We’ll be honest: you’re not going to get a lot of merchandise or cool discounts. You will get a button to wear to City Hall and other public events, but mostly, members get to work on campaigns, a monthly newsletter, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to take real action on climate change. You also get to vote at our AGM and you can run for a Board position.

What if I’m already volunteering with or running another organization, and I just want to get your newsletter. Can I still join?

Absolutely. We know there’s a lot to do, and maybe our organizations can find a way to work together. Please join the Communications Node so we can learn from each other.

I can’t remember if I’m a member or not. How can I check?

Send an email to admin@calgaryclimatehub.ca and we will look into it for you.

Does my membership expire?

Yes. Your membership comes up for renewal annually, 12 months from when you bought it. We will send you a reminder email.

Can I pay cash for a membership?

Yes, but not until we are allowed to hold in-person events again.

What if I want to give more? Can I get a tax receipt?

Yes! Until November 15, 2020, we have an arrangement with Climate Reality Project to issue tax receipts for funds donated to support our work. Visit https://www.climatereality.ca/donate. Be sure to write in the “Message” box that you want your donation to go to the Calgary Climate Hub. Please also send a copy of your receipt by email to admin@calgaryclimatehub.ca.

I would like to join your Board. How do I do that?

Board elections are held at our Annual General Meeting each spring. However, life happens and sometimes we need to fill a vacancy in between. Please send a CV and a short email saying why you would like to serve on the Board to admin@calgaryclimatehub.ca