The Grassy Mountain Coal Project public hearings have finally happened. Over four days at the end of October, evidence was heard from the mine proponent - Benga Mining Ltd, citizens of the Crowsnest Pass, including the Livingstone Landowner Group and the Municipal District of Ranchlands, environmental protection groups, such as CPAWS, the Timberwolf Wilderness Society, the Alberta Wilderness Association, and Trout Unlimited, and our Eco-Elders. The Eco-Elders worked diligently to deliver a presentation on the second day of these hearings.

Alberta born, Janet Gourlay-Vallance joined Eco-Elders and then CCH in March 2020 to help raise awareness and advocate for climate action. When the government rescinded the 1976 Coal Policy and opened our province to foreign companies letter writing began in earnest. However, when the public hearing was announced for the Grassy Mountain Coal Project in Crowsnest Pass the Eco-Elders submitted a request to present our statement of opposition to this action. Pursuing the coal economy does not take us forward toward the carbon free future our grandchildren need.

Watch the video of her presentation on behalf of the Eco-Elders to the Joint Provincial/ Federal Panel on October 28th 2020, and is entitled ‘For our Grandchildren’. Find it on the Hub's Youtube channel here.

View a copy of the Eco-Elders written submission here.

Kurt Archer


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