Calgary – A new Leger poll finds a strong majority of Albertans (65%) oppose the nearly 7-month ban on new renewable energy projects in Alberta. The Leger poll was commissioned by the Calgary Climate Hub and conducted between August 25-27, 2023.


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Key findings include: 

  • 65% of Albertans (nearly two thirds) believe the Alberta government should not have implemented a nearly seven-month ban on new renewable energy projects. 
  • A majority of rural residents (57%) oppose the renewables moratorium. Opposition to the moratorium rises in urban areas to 68% and in suburban areas is 66%. 


“This poll clearly demonstrates that a strong majority of Alberta residents do not support the Alberta government’s ill-conceived ban on new renewable energy projects. If Premier Smith does not care about what most Albertans want, at the very least she should heed the outpouring of criticism from economists and CEOs who have chastised the ban for interfering with the market and creating uncertainty in the once-thriving renewables sector. Alberta should embrace renewable energy for cutting emissions, diversifying the economy and creating good, stable jobs – not create roadblocks that threaten over 100 projects worth $33 billion and 24,000 jobs,” says Angela McIntyre, Director, Calgary Climate Hub.


Across all age groups and income levels over 60% of Albertans do not believe Alberta should have implemented the renewables ban. 

  • Opposition to the ban is highest among ages 18-34 (68%) and ages 35-44 (66%). Ages 45-54 saw 62% opposed and ages 55+ saw 65% opposed.
  • 64% opposed was seen among those who earn less than $40,000 and those who earn over $80,000. Opposition rises to 68% among those who earned $40,000-$80,000.


The online survey interviewed 1,000 Albertans 18 years and older. The margin of error associated is ±3.1%, 19 times out of 20.


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