Book cover with flowers and leaves that says: 'Still Hopeful- Maude Barlow- Lessons from A Lifetime of Activism'

We met in November 2023 to discuss Maude Barlow's Still Hopeful: Lessons from a Lifetime of Activism (ECW Press, 2022).

Described by CBC news as "Canada's best-known voice of dissent", Maude Barlow is an author and activist who campaigns for causes including citizen advocacy, the human right to water, feminism, resisting corporate greed, and protecting the environment.

In Still Hopeful, Barlow argues that hope "is a prerequisite for creating change and inspiring others." She aims to inspire fellow activists and to help them find joy in the struggle. This is not a call to ignore or deny the harsh realities we face, but to find encouragement in past and ongoing victories achieved through solidarity, resilience, and community.

We had a great time together!

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