#ThursdayThankYou goes out to the Alt Hotel in Calgary's East Village for their TOTALLY UNIQUE assistance during our Climate Conversation this August. We ran into a challenge, decided to turn it into an opportunity. GoElectric & the East Village Alt Hotel were only too happy to help us make it happen!

The Hub's Climate Conversations bring a host of experts to communities across Calgary, creating real conversation, engagement & connection. We always include a bonafide climate scientist because we think it's critical to know HOW we know as well as WHAT we can do.

[By the way, are you a climate-conscious Calgarian that has a question for one of our experts, scientist or otherwise? Ask your question and attach the #yycclimate hashtag and we'll try to get it answered for you! Let's keep these Climate Conversations GOING!]

Long story short, looked like our Climate Scientist for the evening was going to be stranded in Banff unless we found ourselves a low carbon solution and right quick! One of our Volunteers (Change Agents? Action Heroes?) leapt into action, calling up event partner GoElectric Calgary

[Did you know GoElectric is our 1st & only USED ELECTRIC VEHICLE dealership? That's right: genuine Calgary-based Clean Energy PIONEERS. Just one of the reasons we're super proud to have them onboard our panel of experts for the Climate Conversations!]

Team GoElectric didn't blink an eye: OF COURSE they'd go grab our Climate Scientist for us & they'd give her a lift back the next day too! The next challenge was to figure out a place for her to stay. Another of our Volunteers (Shift Builders? Climate Champions?) had an IDEA.East Village Alt Hotel's just a stone's throw from where we were holding that evening's Conversation. Given the importance of this speaker & the critical goal of these Conversations for shifting Calgary into the future, might the Alt be able to help us out? Does it hurt to ask?

The Alt was onboard & why not? From enviro-friendly building practises to energy conservation, efficiency & controls to an emphasis on re-use/recharge/recycle, the Alt sounded like the Climate Hub's kind of place! And it is! All said & done the Hub encountered a challenge & found a local sustainable solution/partner in the Alt Hotel. We would encourage all of our members/partners/network to consider their gorgeous space in one of the coolest neighbourhoods in all YYC for our inbound friends/contacts!

And again a special #ThursdayThankYou to GoElectric Calgary for stepping up to the challenge (turned out our scientist got here via other means but let the record show they were ready/willing/able!). Check them out at 2605 17 ave sw. Tell 'em the Hub sent you! https://goelectricyyc.com

While we're at it, how about a #ThursdayThankYou to the Climate Scientist in this story, two-time Climate Conversation speaker/expert Laura Coristine!

All for now and we'll see you at the next Community Climate Conversation!

Kurt Archer


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