When October 03, 2021 at 6:00pm 3 hrs
Where CIFF website

Transition Series #4: CIFF Edition Brings You Two Powerful Films

In partnership with the Arusha Centre and other community organizations, we're so excited to be the community sponsor for two amazing films at this year's #CIFF2021 - @TheGigIsUpDoc and @DearFutureChildren. Two powerful movies with clear connections to Alberta's current struggles. Stay tuned for giveaways and special content!

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Available on-demand Sept. 23 - Oct 3

With the push of a couple of buttons in an app, your dinner or your driver is on their way to you. But what about that human in the front seat taking you to work or a night out on the town? What about that delivery person bringing tonight's dinner? Uber, Amazon and other platforms tempted people into leaving the traditional workforce with promises of good wages, flexibility and the ability to be your own boss. But, what is the cost of these supposed benefits?

Director Shannon Walsh (ILLUSIONS OF CONTROL, CIFF 2019) gets up close and personal with gig workers from around the globe. Their personal stories expose a corrupt system that exploits desperate people seeking work. To avoid labour regulations and minimum wage laws, the gig economy not only fails to fulfill its promises but also renders human workers invisible.


Available on-demand Sept. 23 - Oct 3

Rayan demands a new constitution in Chile, Pepper defends the fragile remains of democracy in Hong Kong and Hilda battles the devastating consequences of climate change in Uganda. These three inspiring young women face gruelling obstacles and grapple with the impacts of their activism on their personal lives and the lives of their families.

Franz Böhm's DEAR FUTURE CHILDREN offers as much contemplation as it does direct action. The stakes are high, the sacrifices are enormous and the physical and psychological toll of fighting authority is exhausting. But, for these young women, the fear of the next generation inheriting a world worse than our own is much greater than the threat of violence or death.