Two reasons why climate change is an election issue:

We know climate change is an existential threat, which should be reason enough. There are other benefits to asking your candidates what they are doing about climate change this election.

1. Economics:

The world is moving away from oil and gas. Already, car manufacturers are signaling the end of production on gas engines, which will have a huge impact on the market for our products. Calgary needs to figure out who we are going to be in the new economy so we can be a leader in the transition. We need to look for new and innovative opportunities that will position our city as a leader in the solution.

2.Poverty and equity:

People who are struggling with poverty and inequality don't have much energy to think about climate change, but we know that the effects of climate change, including severe weather events, migration from affected areas, and new diseases, disproportionately affect racialized and marginalized populations. We also know that many of the municipal-level solutions to climate mitigation will benefit people who are struggling. Universal access to transit will help them get to work, school and social activities, low and no-cost active transportation such as walking and cycling infrastructure will reduce social isolation, and net-zero affordable housing will reduce monthly bills.
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Joan Lawrence


Writer, interpretive planner, climate activist in Treaty 7 territory.