We focus our activities on the following areas at the municipal level:

  • Climate justice: advocating for reducing or mitigating the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations, the BIPOC community, and our youth.
  • Transportation: including active transportation such as cycling, pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, and transit, and low-emissions vehicles.
  • Urban planning: increased density, reduced urban sprawl, communities that meet the needs of a variety of citizens including low-income, elderly, families, immigrant populations and people with disabilities who are disproportionately affected by climate change. The climate lens must be applied.
  • Buildings and energy: reducing the carbon footprint of our built environment, including energy generation and municipal-controlled building standards to prepare for net-zero. 
  • Natural Infrastructure: wetlands, biodiversity, habitat, soil health, natural flood mitigation and reliance, urban forestry, as they relate to climate mitigation and adaptation.
  • Food security: reducing agricultural emissions and contributing to biodiversity, soil health, reduced use of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers, and reducing food waste. The climate lens must be applied.
  • Government accountability: advocating to The City and other levels of government to advocate for issues that will have an impact on the ability of Calgary to meet its climate obligations, to raise climate as an election issue, or to ask governments to apply the climate lens.