Heather Addy, PhD


Co-chair, Miyawaki Forest Project

I am a biologist who studies plant-fungal interactions. As a Teaching Professor in the Biological Sciences department at the University of Calgary, I taught a range of biology courses over the past 24 years and served as an Associate Department Head for seven years. In my teaching, I emphasized collaborative learning approaches that helped students gain skills in teamwork and science communication, as they worked together to apply what they learned to address real-world issues. Since my retirement in July 2022, I have been volunteering with the Nature Node of the Calgary Climate Hub as part of the steering committee for the “Tiny Forests for Calgary” project. I am excited to serve on the board, and to use my background and experience in biology, teamwork, and communication to support the mission of the Calgary Climate Hub. I am particularly interested in natural infrastructure solutions for climate resilience, and strategies to support the work of Indigenous climate action groups and engage a broader diversity of Calgarians in climate action. You can reach me at [email protected].