Karen Chow


Karen spent her career in Alberta as a professional engineer working in plant operations, environmental compliance, and process safety in the oil sands, petrochemical, and fertilizer industries. As a risk assessment facilitator her passion was to increase understanding of process safety and environmental issues. 

Spending as much time as possible outdoors, Karen could not help but to notice the growing impacts of climate change in Alberta and beyond. Her desire to take action led her to the Calgary Climate Hub as an organization taking effective actions to influence Calgary to move beyond its past and into a sustainable future.  
Karen is one of the organizers of the Calgary Climate Hub Book Club. Involvement with the Book Club has challenged her to continually evaluate and expand her views on climate action.
Karen is excited to join the Calgary Climate Hub Board and to work with such an accomplished group. As a board member she would like to bring her wide variety of board experience to help the board work efficiently and effectively. She is also interested in implementing actions to engage a broader diversity of Calgarians in climate action.