Ward 4 Candidate Responses

We received responses from one candidate in this ward. The Calgary Climate Hub is a non-partisan organization, and posting these responses does not indicate an endorsement. Responses are presented in the order they were received and have not been edited.

General Questions

1. What are the top three issues you hope to make progress on during your time on Council?

Angela McIntyre The Green Line, Equity, Economic Diversity.


2. Women - especially low-wage, racialized and newcomers - have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. In your capacity as a public servant, how will you address these impacts and ensure that all women benefit equitably from the economic recovery? 

Angela McIntyre

Women need access to affordable, safe childcare. Calgary needs a holistic approach; that includes creating livable cities with affordable housing, investing in and fostering innovations that contribute to a sustainable and diversified green based economy, support for programs that provide better opportunities for women, gender diverse and BIPOC Calgarians and new Calgarians. We need to change our measures of success to include specific outcomes that have the health and well being of our planet and its people at the forefront. We need a zero tolerance policy for harassment and racist actions. City Council must provide specific policies around harrasment with measurable outcomes and communicate these outcomes to maintain transparency and be held to account.


3. Calgary has been dipping into emergency funds to pay for operations for the past several years. How would you approach taxation and the delivery of programs and services to Calgarians?

Angela McIntyre Calgary needs to pause the sprawl, we can not approve any new neighborhoods until our core services are taken care of in existing neighborhoods. Our essential services are stretched thin. City Council should reform its tax policy, the tax model that worked in the past, relying on downtown for the majority of our taxes, no longer works today. Building up our main streets to have a commercial focus will help share the load of taxes.


4. What is your plan for diversifying Calgary’s economy for a just transition away from oil and gas?

Angela McIntyre I will support facilitating growth of and development of emerging tech by supporting our home grown talent and attracting worldwide investments. I will support research and risk taking pilot projects that can put Calgary at the leading edge of utilizing renewable energy. I will support Indigneous leadership and decision making as we build a city that reduces our environmental impact. I will help to identify cross - sectional opportunities to facilitate the growth and development.

Climate Change and the Environment


1. Will you commit to setting clear interim targets for Calgary and ENMAX to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050 to help limit global warming to 1.5 degrees?

Angela McIntyre Yes


2. Will you work to reduce emissions from buildings to net-zero by (1) ensuring The City's Sustainable Building Policy has clear targets, is transparent, and requires third-party certification, and (2) by providing incentives for privately-owned new buildings and retrofits?

Angela McIntyre Yes


3. Will you support policies to ensure zero food waste not only from Calgary's restaurants, groceries, distributors, but also corporate events?

Angela McIntyre Yes


4. Will you strengthen the City's procurement policies to ensure goods and services are sustainably and ethically sourced? The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply states that sustainable procurement "considers the impact of environmental, economic and social factors along with price and quality."

Angela McIntyre Yes


5. Do you support focusing new development within established areas instead of continuing to approve new developments on the outskirts of Calgary?

Angela McIntyre Yes


6. Will you support completion of the Green Line, including crossing the river to 16 Avenue N?

Angela McIntyre Yes


7. Do you commit to providing equal access to low-cost, low-carbon transportation to all areas of the city, including transit, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure?

Angela McIntyre Yes

Equity and Inclusion

1. Which of the following measures will you support to address poverty and social isolation in our city?

  1. Affordable housing
  2. Low-income transit pass
  3. Fair Entry recreation pass
  4. Increased access to childcare
  5. Increased financial support to community associations
  6. Enough for All Poverty Reduction Strategy
  7. Other
  1 2 3 4 5 6 Other
Angela McIntyre Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  


2. Do you support providing City services primarily through unionized City workers, or do you support contracting out City services to private companies?

  1. Maintain unionized City workers
  2. Contract out
  3. Other
  1 2 Other
Angela McIntyre Yes    


3. Would you support Fair Trade Calgary's initiative to make Calgary a globally-designated Fair Trade town? (Find out more at: http://www.fairtradecalgary.com/at-a-glance.html)

Angela McIntyre Yes


4. Do you support Universal Basic Income?

Angela McIntyre Yes

Diversity & Reconciliation

1. What is your plan to address the increase in hate crimes and overt displays of racism in our city?

Angela McIntyre Calgary needs additional tools and systems to track and report street harassment. We must establish a zero tolerance approach to street harrasment and hate crimes. The City should create an awareness campaign of the zero tolerance policy, encourage and promote effective bystander intervention strategies for the general public, and educate people on the definition of hate crimes. Where possible, the City should explore mandating bystander intervention training through the business licenses issued for certain industries like: taxis and transportation network companies like Uber, hotel concierges, nightclub bouncers, bartenders, and private security guards.


2. How will you support policies to ensure more Indigenous voices are included in making municipal decisions?

Angela McIntyre I will honour and champion the White Goose Flying Report. We must make room for Indigenous leaders to be in decision making roles. We must listen, learn and take action.


3. What steps will you support to increase trust and reduce uses of force by police that disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in Calgary? (Please use "other" for additional ideas.)

  1. Enthocultural training for police
  2. Increase number of Aboriginal Liaison Officers
  3. Alternative response models (PACT and DOAP teams)
  4. Other
  1 2 3 Other
Angela McIntyre Yes Yes Yes Let's get the right people doing the right jobs.


Mental Health & Addictions

1. Which of the following do you support to address mental health and addictions?

  1. Implement alternative emergency response models
  2. Implement trauma-informed care
  3. Supervised consumption sites
  4. Other
  1 2 3 Other
Angela McIntyre Yes Yes Yes I will support more access points for mental heath care throughout the city, including in schools and community associations.


General Comments

Do you have any other comments you would like to share with us?

Angela McIntyre  


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