Wow, what a week. 

The hub was very busy organizing two buses which headed up to Edmonton with 80 people on board.  We were welcomed with open arms, and were able to really make a difference.  It is a testament to why an organization such as ours exists:  in 36 hours we were able to book the buses, put up a ticket purchasing webpage, and get both CBC and Global to cover the trip. Kudos to Bob Hawkesworth, Pierann Moon, Simone Lee, and Dave Burdon who made it happen. 

Some news stories featuring the Hub.


On media and climate

Check out this 30 min interview with our co-chair Joe Vipond and MRU Journalism Professor Sean Holman.

Debating Greta's visit to the province

The co-chair of the hub, Dr. Joe Vipond, was on Alberta@Noon last Wednesday discussing Greta's visit to the province.  You can check out the podcast here:

Calgary Alliance for the Common Good

The founding assembly for the CACG took place last Thursday at a packed Knox United Church. With over 29 organizations represented, this is going to be a sea change for progressives in the city.  The Hub is poised to be a key part of the group, as we lead the environmental track (one of the four key elements the CACG will be focused on in their inaugural year.  Kudos to Aïda Nciri and Bob Hawkesworth for such impassioned and powerful speeches.

The CACG will be hosting its own Community Climate Conversation on November 18th.

Fond Goodbye to our Volunteer Coordinator, Simone Lee

Simone Lee has been doing an amazing job with intaking new volunteers and ensuring all of our nodes have been working smoothly.  Alas, the money has run out for her position, and we will allow the contract to expire at the end of the month.  We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours, and there is hope we will be able to keep Simone on in a reduced capacity in the future, depending on finances. 

Volunteers needed

1. With Simone's departure, we're going to need a roster of volunteers to help manage the Hub's email. Proposing a meeting Noon Tuesday October 29th for interested helpers.  Time requirement 1-2 hours per week, depending on how many volunteers we get.  Email Simone at [email protected] for details of this meeting.

2. On Wednesday, October 23rd, there is a  standing policy committee meeting on Wednesday at 9:30 regarding the low income transit pass (LITP). Every citizen is entitled to speak at for 5 minutes. You would need to say a few words about how the hub supports the city keeping this pass – understand that it also depends on provincial funding but will work with city council to get support from province and public for maintaining transit funding as we see transit as fitting with our priorities of the environment and social isolation.You don't have to be a beneficiary of the LITP. Rather, the idea is to show support of the program, by presenting ourselves as transit users, and reminder of the importance of investing in affordable transit for everyone as this is key for socially inclusive and climate-friendly city. Or something along these lines...
We have no idea how long we would have to wait at city council until it's our turn to speak -- but the great news is that there is public wifi, so you can still work on your computer if needed.

3. Our next climate conversation occurs in Marlborough on Nov 13th.  If you would like to be involved in the planning or delivery of this program reach out to Steve at [email protected].
If you are interested in doing some doorknocking and flyer dropoffs in the lead up to the event please email Ginny at [email protected].
4. Have knowledge of Nationbuilder?  We need more assistance in our tech node.  Reach out to [email protected].


Upcoming meetings

1. Mobilize node:  this group keeps track of municipal climate action and looks to engage with administration and politicians: 7:00 p.m.Wednesday, October 30th. Location TBA
2. CACG climate conversation organizing meeting: Date pending, early Nov. Reach out to Aida at [email protected].
3. Fundraising meeting: 12 Nov 1pm.  Location TBA.  Reach out to [email protected]


Upcoming Events

Tuesday Oct 22nd: Heading for Extinction and what to do about it:  hosted by XR Calgary.  Calgary Public Library 6 pm

November 2-7th: City of Calgary's Climate Symposium:  A bevy of interesting events, check out their webpage

Wednesday Nov 13th: Marlborough Climate Conversation

Monday Nov 18th: CACG Climate Conversation

Friday Nov 29th: Global Climate Strike, City Hall

Kurt Archer


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