Nobody'll blame you for binge-watching American politics the next few days but remember: when January 20th comes & goes the Hub's got YOUR PERFECT PALATE CLEANSE. Take January back with POSITIVE, IMPACTFUL climate action. We're gonna have fun doing it & YOU can too!

January can be a slow start in the best of times. In 2021 we have Covid to address & the pull is strong to watch whatever it is America plans to do with itself next. Blink your eyes & it's February. Not for the Hub. We're TAKING JANUARY BACK. Join us!

TAKE JANUARY BACK with the Calgary Climate Hub & not just one but two GREAT climate events this month to kick off *your* 2021 Year Of Action. 2020 was what it was but maybe 2021 is what we make it. Let's start it off right. 

More about these GREAT events in a minute but first let's make sure you know how to join us! You too can start getting your Climate groove on starting January 21st with A 'Climate Of Change' featuring Climate Reality Canada! RSVP NOW:

Then on Jan 26th come talk real talk on Climate with bonafide experts & your fellow Calgarians, all of whom, like you (one presumes) are looking to help build more resilient communities in 2021, Covid or not & come what may! RSVP NOW:

Climate-conscious but haven't tuned into A Climate Of Change yet? You're missing out! We ask thought-leaders from across Canada how historic gamechangers like Covid or Insurrection Day in America will impact the most important story of our whole lives & arguably ever: the Climate Crisis.

We'll ask about an Alberta that embraces the challenges of the day & prepares itself for success in a climate-friendly future. So who better to have on at this moment than longtime Hub ally (and Hub inspiration?) Matthew Chapman of Climate Reality Canada? CRC does the critical work of fostering countrywide connection & engagement between Climate Hubs honed in on local Climate action and have been solid allies with your Hub since our very earliest days. We'll talk about big ideas on the horizon for our organizations and how we can make 2021 an impactful Year Of Action for citizen-led advocacy on Climate in Canada, maybe not just *in spite* of the challenges of Covid but *because of* them. 

We'll talk about CRC's National Climate League 2020 standings, Chapman's gamified approach to 100s of your fellow Canadians collecting the critical local level data Canada requires to successfully transition to a climate-friendly future!

Climate Of Change invites guests & ultimately you the viewer to see today's historic tectonics through the critical climate lens needed for the far greater challenge of the Climate Crisis. Been drawing these comparisons on your own already? This show's for you. Welcome!

But remember, our 'Climate Of Change' interview on Thursday night (LIVE at 705) with Climate Reality Canada is just one of two GREAT climate events hosted by the Hub this month. We're gonna TAKE JANUARY BACK and YOU can help us do it! Let's start our 2021 Year Of Climate Action. Together.

So what's the second event? (we're *so* glad you asked) It's those very same cool Community Climate Conversations [CCCs] you've been hearing so much about over the last few years but safely Zoom-fuelled so that the important work goes on, Covid or not! Next stop Haysboro!

The Climate Conversations bring GREAT experts on all things climate to a local community event (now via Zoom), give 'em just 4 minutes to introduce their topics before splitting them off & letting our attendees pick the conversations YOU want to have about the topics that interest YOU most.

What kind of topics? How about Solar Alberta's Donald Darnell talking Community Solar & Energy Efficiency! Got questions or better yet IDEAS for your community or home? The Haysboro Climate Conversation is for YOU!

Did you know the Hub has our own in-house urban-planning expert? That's how we see our GREAT Conversations speaker Natalie Robertson. Come talk about building the resilient future we want for our cities and communities.

Another big #CovidLesson is that safe & effective cycling infrastructure is a critical piece of resilient communities. Who better in the whole city to cover this increasingly popular & important topic than Bike Calgary! What GREAT partners! What a GREAT event!

If all that weren't enough, we're also bringing on members of the City of Calgary's Climate Team to talk about all things Climate at the municipal level. Ask them how we can help build a more resilient Calgary in 2021! Take January Back with the Hub on Jan 26th in Haysboro!

[More details to follow!]

Steve Bentley


#ClimateCrisis vs the #AgeOfTheBozos. #ClimateWarrior at large. I #StandBehindTheScience & so should you. Be better. Start today.