When April 01, 2022 at 1:00pm 2 hrs 30 mins
Where Zoom
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Calling all Eco-Elders for Climate Action

For Strategic Planning


We would like your input - please join us!


Friday, 1 April, 2022 1:00-3:30 pm 

A Zoom strategic session for

The Eco-Elders Action Plan 2022-23


Eco-Elders for Climate Action was launched in February 2020. We held a strategic planning session for the wider group (via Zoom) in January 2021. April 1st will be our second annual planning session.

Over the past year we have kept you up to date, most recently with the January Newsletter summarizing the 2021 activities and results, in which many of you participated. We are encouraged that the Climate Crisis is generating momentum at all levels. All the more important that we determine where we as Eco-Elders put our focus and energy for the greatest impact.

In this session we hope to clarify that focus and identify pieces for our Action Plan for 2022-2023. We will also reconfirm those who would like to be engaged in particular

We will start with a round of introductions and a brief recap of our focus, activities and strategic alliances to date. We are also very excited to announce that David Dodge of “Green Energy Futures” (https://www.greenenergyfutures.ca) will be providing a short talk to kick off our meeting.

In the second half of the session, there will be breakout room discussions on focus and activities for the coming year. We will then come back together with reports from the groups, a summary and next steps.

Please consider prior to the meeting in which area of focus you would like to participate for the break-out room discussion. When you register you can identify your preference.


Areas of focus include:

#1 Municipal Engagement-Climate Resiliency Strategy, Net Zero goals

  • The Calgary Climate Hub has its strategy well in hand to encourage and support the City’s climate plans. What unique role can we play in support of that effort?

#2 Green Transition- Municipal and Provincial: focus on SOLAR

  • Advocacy campaign for installation of Solar panels for commercial, municipal, community association and residential spaces.
  • What specific actions can we take to augment the voices for SOLAR, and “green” the Community Associations?
  • What can we do to advocate for government financial support for installation?
  • What actions can be taken to make this a key issue in the 2023 provincial election?

#3 Advocacy on Coal Policy- Provincial and Federal

  • Ongoing Provincial advocacy—for a Coal Policy, and broader Water and Land Use Plans for the Eastern Slopes
  • What can we do on our own, and with key alliances - Livingstone, CPAWS, FOKs?
  • How can we be a strong “Alberta voice” requesting support from the Federal government on environmental regulation re Coal?

#4 Community Engagement and Education - Climate Conversations with Seniors

  • How do we get more seniors actively engaged in individual and collective action?
  • As we move back to in-person gatherings, how do we best engage Seniors - through groups, Community Associations?

#5 Fossil Fuel Divestment- Pensions and Investments

  • How can we advocate for environmentally responsible investments for your pension fund?
  • How do we join with other groups of retirees working on this issue?


Please pass on this invite to other seniors who might like to get involved in climate action!

We look forward to your participation in a productive and fun session, Friday, April 1st!

Claudette Whiting | Janet Gourlay-Vallance | Renee Chernecki | Mary Ndlovu

Geoff King | Brian Unger | Sheila Robinson | Donald MacCallum | Rob Miller

Will you come?