The Hub is gathering resources and volunteers for several campaigns spanning the next 12 months, and we need you help to make these campaigns a success. Are you willing to commit 2-4 hours per month to one of these campaigns? Sign up below and select the Campaign that most interests you.

Campaigns --

Clean Electricity Regulations Campaign
Goal: Before August 2024, ensure the Clean Electricity Regulations have passed, with minimal exceptions for GHG emitting electricity generation.
Active Transportation Network Campaign
Goal: By August 2024, ensure administration is directed to build a Primary Cycling Network as part of the creation of a 5A Network Implementation Plan, with funding, additional to that acquired in budget 2022, allocated to complete 100km.
Kananaskis Logging Slowdown Campaign
Goal: By August 2024, achieve a slowdown, ideally via a moratorium, of logging in Kananaskis Country.


Housing Affordability Campaign (ON HOLD)

Goal: By August 2024, ensure that the recommendations of the Housing and Affordability Task Force are accepted, passed and implemented by the City of Calgary, including especially the implementation of base-RCG and elimination of parking minimums.


Municipal Indoor Temperature Limits for Rental Properties (ON HOLD)

Goal: By August 2024, achieve a resolution at Calgary City Council to institute a maximum indoor temperature in rental units in Calgary of 26C, as accomplished in other cities.


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