Building upon recent successful efforts to advance local climate issues like Zoning Reform and slowing logging in Calgary’s drought-threatened watersheds, the Calgary Climate Hub hosted a Climate Advocacy training event on May 25th, with the goal of empowering local grassroots organizers and campaigns.

“I’m feeling hopeful, energized and inspired that a group of people can get together and make a difference” - Belle, training participant

Organized by volunteers from the Hub’s Event Node, the Empowering Albertans and Advocacy Campaigns training was hosted at UCalgary’s Sustainability Hive and featured presentations from a range of local activists.

Juan Vargas of The Climate Emergency Unit presented on methods to empower Albertans, and their ongoing campaign to establish a Youth Climate Corps in Alberta. Hub Board Chair, Rob Tremblay, gave updates on our Clean Electricity Regulations Campaign.

Presenting on behalf of the Land Lovers Bow Bioregion Regeneration Network, speakers Colin Smith, Jenny Yerimy discussed recent developments affecting the Hub’s Logging Slowdown campaign, and educated the audience on important organizing tools.

On the topic of housing, Nathaniel Schmidt, board member from More Neighbours Calgary discussed urban densification and zoning reform, while Kyla Szustaczek, lead organizer from Acorn Alberta, led an examination of the links between housing affordability and climate justice. Focussing on how many residences in Calgary are built to withstand cold temperatures instead of excessive heat, Kyla demonstrated why a campaign calling for legislation to limit maximum indoor temperatures should be a priority given a rise in extreme heat events.

“I’m feeling hopeful, energized and inspired that a group of people can get together and make a difference”  one attendee remarked after taking part in the event. We would like to extend our thanks to our host, UCalgary, our guest speakers, and to the volunteers and attendees who made this event a great success.

If you'd like to support or take part in climate events like this, then please consider making a donation to the Hub here, and stay tuned to our Events Page for more opportunities coming soon.

Written by Daniel Smithies