Budget Week 2021 - Funding the Climate Emergency

UPDATE: The City approved $10M for climate initiatives. Read a breakdown here.

This week, City Council looks at how and where the money will be spent next year in something called the "Mid-cycle Adjustments." The City operates on a four-year budget cycle, but every November they sharpen their pencils and figure out how to balance the books. 

Hub members from Mobilize Node made presentations in support of funding action on the Climate Emergency. Check out the written submission here.

Key points:

  • Ensure there is enough money in the budget to fund the current Climate Resilience Strategy and get to net-zero
  • Restore transit to 100% service levels
  • Increase capital funding for transit and active transportation networks
  • Add incentives for solar installations, including reducing ENMAX transmission charges and coordinating with the Resilient Roofing Program
  • Allocate sufficient funding to the Clean Energy Improvement Program
  • Increase the tree canopy to 16%

As part of the Alliance for the Common Good, we are also advocating for funding for Indigenous Liaison Officers in the Calgary Police Service budget.

What you can do

Write to your councillor to show your support for climate action. Include your personal views on why climate is important to you, as well as supporting the Hub's submission.


Dr. Jyoti Gondek

[email protected]

Ward 1

Sonya Sharp

[email protected]

Ward 2

Jennifer Wyness

[email protected]

Ward 3

Jasmine Mian

[email protected]

Ward 4

Sean Chu

[email protected]

Ward 5

Raj Dhaliwal

[email protected]

Ward 6

Richard Pootmans

[email protected]

Ward 7

Terry Wong

[email protected]

Ward 8

Courtney Walcott

[email protected]

Ward 9

Gian Carlo-Carra

[email protected]

Ward 10

Andre Chabot

[email protected]

Ward 11

Kourtney Penner

[email protected]

Ward 12

Evan Spencer

[email protected]

Ward 13

Dan McLean

[email protected]

Ward 14

Peter Demong

[email protected]

You can watch the meetings here, and follow the live agenda here.

Copies of all the submissions are available here.


Joan Lawrence


Writer, interpretive planner, climate activist in Treaty 7 territory.