Today, the Hub and Sustainable Calgary bombarded council with five separate, but interconnected presentations, filled to the brim with budget recommendations. Let's apply the climate lens to our future investments, grow sustainably, and reduce inequity in revenue generation.

While the presentations really couldn't have gone better, the decisions are now in council's hands. However, that doesn't mean that our involvement needs to end. Keep reading to find out how you can help sway council's decisions.

So, what can you do to help?

Check out the Hub's recommendations:

Hub members and their friends at Sustainable Calgary worked diligently to prepare sound recommendations to present to council. Unable to watch their presentations today? Consider sneaking over to our last blog post for a summary! Read the recommendations thoroughly because there will most definitely be a quiz later.


Sign up to watch City Council:

Our team worked so hard to put together sound, thought-provoking presentations to council and, to be honest, we shouldn't expect them to also be responsible for watching every second of this week's long deliberation marathon. With significant changes to the budget possible based on the tone of the debates, we need folks who can spare an hour to take a shift watching council online, and notify us of the items brought forward that affect the recommendations of Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, Sustainable Calgary and the Calgary Climate Hub.

So, if you're looking for a way to get involved, the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good has put together a sign-up sheet.


Write to your city councillor:

Did you know that writing to your councillor is an excellent way for our collective voices to be heard? Consider writing at least a short note, tweet, or direct message to your councillor this week. Or, if you feel so inclined, tweet, tweet, and tweet away at them. Show them how important it is to apply equity and a climate lens to their future investments and expenditures.

The Hub has made it easy for you, with it's six main recommendations included in our last blog post. Pick your fave and get writing! Be sure to include the hashtag, #yyccc, in all your Twitter posts to boost their visibility.

Do you know who your councillor is? If not, that's OK, we've listed them out for you below. 






Naheed Nenshi

[email protected]



Ward Sutherland

[email protected]



Joe Magliocca

[email protected]



Jyoti Gondek *

[email protected]



Sean Chu

[email protected]



George Chahal

[email protected]



Jeff Davison

[email protected]



Druh Farrell

[email protected]



Evan Woolley

[email protected]



Gian-Carlo Carra

[email protected]



Ray Jones

[email protected]



Jeromy Farkas

[email protected]



Shane Keating

[email protected]



Diane Colley-Urquhart

[email protected]



Peter Demong

[email protected]


Keep an eye on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram this week and consider sharing our message widely in your community.

Kelley Robins


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