It’s budget time at City Hall, which is a perfect opportunity to remind Council to apply the climate lens to decision making. Yesterday, Bob Morrison made a presentation on behalf of the Mobilize Node outlining some ideas from the Hub. (Thanks, Bob!)

A huge thank you to all who came out to support our friends at the Alliance for the Common Good’s presentation in the morning, and everyone who could stay for the Hub’s presentation in the afternoon. It was great to see so many green scarves.


Can you do one more thing?

This week, e-mail, call, or use social media to ask Council to consider both its financial budget and its carbon budget by aligning with The City’s Climate Resilience Strategy. We’ve put a copy of the Mobilize Node’s presentation and brief on the website, but here are some key points you can include in your messages:

  • Maintain, and once the financial books are fixed, improve transit services to help balance Calgary’s “climate books.”
  • Delay funding for the 14 new residential communities until at least 2023. They are a poor investment at this time and a violation of the land supply requirements in the Municipal Development Plan.
  • Direct Administration to:
    • By 2030, implement the Economics of Low Carbon Development report.
    • Assess ways to adjust fees and subsidies to favour low-carbon options and increase revenue, especially with regard to transportation.
  • Now is the time to get Administration working to make next November’s budget sustainable - financially and in terms of taking action on climate.


Use the links below to contact Calgary City Councillors:

Ward 1: Ward Sutherland

[email protected] 

Twitter: @Ward4Ward1

Ward 2: Joe Magliocca

[email protected]

Twitter: @joe_magliocca

Ward 3: Jyoti Gondek

[email protected]

Twitter: @JyotiGondek

Ward 4: Sean Chu

[email protected]            

Twitter: @seanchucalgary 

Ward 5: George Chahal 

[email protected]

Twitter: @ChahalGeorge

Ward 6: Jeff Davison

[email protected]

Twitter: @JeffDavisonYYC

Ward 7: Druh Farrell 

[email protected]

Twitter: @DruhFarrell

Ward 8: Evan Woolley

[email protected]

Twitter:  @EWoolleyWard8

Ward 9: Gian-Carlo Carra

[email protected]

Twitter: @gccarra

Ward 10: Ray Jones

[email protected]

Twitter: @RundleRay

Ward 11: Jeromy Farkas

[email protected]

Twitter: @JeromyYYC

Ward 12: Shane Keating

[email protected]

Twitter: @CouncillorKeats

Ward 13: Diane Colley-Urquhart

[email protected] 

Twitter:  @BigRedyyc

Ward 14: Peter Demong

[email protected]

Twitter: @peterdemong

Mayor: Naheed Nenshi

 [email protected]

Twitter: @nenshi 

Kurt Archer


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