City Hall Watch: Help Save the Green Line!

The Green Line process is entering a critical phase, with both budgetary and political pressure to cut the line. A solution is coming to council in the form of a motion which would dedicate 50 per cent of all future Provincial and Federal capital grants for transit go to completing the project. This decision will be made in the next couple of weeks.

The budget for completing this city-shaping project is threatened. We risk losing the 20,000 jobs it will create, 30,000 tons of greenhouse gas reduction and connecting under-served areas to transit by crossing the Bow River to go north where the need for this line is the greatest See full benefits here.  The time to take action is now.  

There is a motion coming to Calgary city council that will be critical for the future of our Green Line Transit project. We need to ensure future funding so that the full Green Line eventually gets built.  Please tell all city councillors that you want them to support dedicating 50 per cent of future provincial and federal capital transit funding to completing the full Green Line.  They will be voting on this June 8th so don't delay; they need to have their inboxes flooded with Green Line support now!

For more information on the Green Line, see our campaign page.

Here is a sample message for you to edit and send now to [email protected]  (goes to all councillors) or you can send an email to your personal councillor using the list below. Please make sure you include the neighbourhood that you live in since this increases the impact of your letter.  They need to hear from you as soon as possible. 


Dear Calgary councillors, 

I am writing to you to voice my support for dedicating 50 per cent of future provincial and federal capital transit funding to completing the full Green Line transit project. This is a city-shaping project that will bring 20,000 jobs to Calgary in Stage 1 alone, in addition to the promise of 30,000 tons of greenhouse gas reduction. It is also essential that the Green Line crosses the Bow River and goes north to the communities that are in the greatest need of the Green Line. Now is the time to commit to the future funding needed to ensure this critical investment in the future of our city. 

On June 8, please vote yes to this important motion.


Neighbourhood you live in.






Naheed Nenshi

[email protected]


Ward Sutherland

[email protected]


Joe Magliocca

[email protected]


Jyoti Gondek *

[email protected]


Sean Chu

[email protected]


George Chahal

[email protected]


Jeff Davison

[email protected]


Druh Farrell

[email protected]


Evan Woolley

[email protected]


Gian-Carlo Carra

[email protected]


Ray Jones

[email protected]


Jeromy Farkas

[email protected]


Shane Keating

[email protected]


Diane Colley-Urquhart

[email protected]


Peter Demong

[email protected]

Joan Lawrence


Writer, interpretive planner, climate activist in Treaty 7 territory.