Calgary skyline obscured by smoke with headline Clearly, we need to act and climate week 2020 logo depicting flames coming out of the globe

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This week, September 21-25, is Climate Week. With smoke choking Calgary last week, what better time to demand action?

Here’s what you can do:

All week – Head over to the Hub’s Facebook page and add our Climate Week frame to your profile picture. Share your #smokeyselfie on social media. Take a picture of yourself or something you care about in the smoke. Use the additional hashtags #yycclimate and #yyccc. (The last one will be seen by City Council.) Other hashtags: #climateweek #climatechange.

Monday – Tune in to a Strategic Meeting of Council starting at 9:30 am to hear a presentation about “Achieving the Calgary of Tomorrow: Putting the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan into Action.” There will be a guest presentation from Ann McAfee, former Co-director of Planning, Vancouver. You can find the video and download the report here.

Tuesday – Write your City Councillor to tell them why climate action is important to you. See below for some ideas and contact information.

Wednesday – Share news stories about climate with your social networks. Watch the Calgary Climate Hub’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for ideas.

Thursday – Join us as we go live at 7:05 for Season 2, Episode 2 of A Climate of Change. This month members of Fridays for Future Calgary and the national organization will share their experiences with peaceful demonstrations during a pandemic.

FridayGlobal Climate Strike. Our friends at Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion (XR) will be hosting an in-person demonstration and march from City Hall to McDougall Centre. Meet at City Hall at noon. Practice social distancing and wear a mask! Hashtags to use this day include: #globalclimatestrike #yycclimate #yyccc and #ABleg. (The last one will be seen by provincial politicians.)

Writing to City Council

The most effective letter is one in your own words, but here is one example:

Dear Councillor [name]

I’ve lived in Calgary for [number] years, and I love my community, but I’m worried about our future. The hailstorm this June, tornado warnings in July, and choking smoke over the past week have brought home the reality of climate change. We need to act before it’s too late.

I am writing to you to ask that you take action to implement Calgary’s Climate Resilience Strategy. It needs to be at the core of all of our efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and protect the most vulnerable. Specifically, I ask that you: maintain transit service so that people don’t have to turn to cars to get to school and work; make the Sustainable Building Policy stronger and more enforceable with the goal of net-zero for all new capital projects; say no to any further new communities and sprawl; and support ENMAX getting to net-zero by 2050.

Thank you,

[Your name]

You can send a note to all councillors by emailing [email protected], or use this form to email your own councillor. 

If you prefer to contact your councillor directly, here is a list of their contact information:

Mayor: [email protected]

Ward 1: [email protected]

Ward 2: [email protected]

Ward 3: [email protected]

Ward 4: [email protected]

Ward 5: [email protected]

Ward 6: [email protected]

Ward 7: [email protected]

Ward 8: [email protected]

Ward 9: [email protected]

Ward 10: [email protected]

Ward 11: [email protected]

Ward 12: [email protected]

Ward 13: [email protected]

Ward 14: [email protected] 


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