The Calgary Climate Hub is partnering with other member organizations of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good to host virtual "Coffee with the Candidate" meetings. These are on-line versions of house coffee parties, where individual candidates will be invited to spend an hour to an hour and a half with a small group of 6-8 people in their Ward to talk about the values that Alliance members share. These are:

  1. Least harm to the most vulnerable - How will the candidate ensure that no one is left behind as we deal with the climate change and the aftermath of the pandemic?
  2. Climate change and the environment - What is the candidate's climate plan?
  3. Truth and reconciliation and diversity - How will the candidate ensure reconciliation between settlers and Indigenous peoples in Calgary? How will they address racism?
  4. Mental health - What is the candidate's thinking around supporting people who are experiencing mental health issues?
  5. Social Isolation - How will the candidate address isolation of seniors, youth and marginalized communities? 

As a member of the Alliance, the Hub has agreed to support these issues. More than that, they are all inter-related and address issues such as climate justice, a just transition, and environmental racism. 

Can you help?

We are looking for volunteers in each Ward to help organize and participate in these coffee sessions between now and the municipal election in October. If you can help out in your Ward, please sign up! You do not have to provide your full address, only your postal code.

Please note that your information will be shared with the Calgary Alliance so that we do not duplicate effort. 

Resources will be provided.

Will you volunteer?