Deepak is currently completing a Master’s in Public Health through the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Throughout his time in this program, the impacts of climate change on health have been a constant theme and of particular interest to him. Deepak is interested in policy research and development. He believes that joining CCH would be an excellent opportunity to gain further skills in these areas, as well as an opportunity to develop experience in using a multi-sectoral approach to discussing climate change. 

Deepak is currently doing contract work with Sustainable Calgary, where he is completing research on active transportation, sustainability, and examining the role of the environment on health. His master’s project involves a scoping review of the relationship between public urban green space and mental wellness in adolescents. Deepak is a creative thinker and a strong advocate for climate resilience. He is someone who sees problems from multiple perspectives. Deepak plans to use these skills to provide strategic direction and assist with improving the rigor of governance procedures within the Board.