In Memoriam: The Very Reverend Dr. Bill Phipps

A dear dear friend of the Hub, and indeed humanity, died on Fri March 4th. The majority of his 79 year life was given for caring for people, justice, and making the world a better place. As moderator for the United Church of Canada, he was the first church leader to apologize for the church’s role in residential schools in 1998. He also championed LGBTQ2 issues and gay marriage, amongst his many fights for justice.

In his last fifteen years he turned his focus on climate, writing a book in 2007 called Cause for Hope: Humanity at the Crossroads. In 2009 he caused a stir by fasting at politicians’ offices for climate. More recently he was a founding member of the local group Calgary Citizens On Climate Change (4C), meeting with politicians, and pushing for strong action locally. In 2020 he was the keynote speaker for our very own Hub’s AGM, and it is worth the time to hear his wisdom and counsel.

Bill leaves a hole in the world that is not easily filled. But by inspiring thousands of activists, young and old, we will honour him by imperfectly filling that hole. Thank you for caring Bill. Thank you for showing us how to care. We will miss you, your laugh, your intensity, and your love of life. RIP Bill.

On Tuesday, March 8, people from around the world gathered to remember this remarkable man. 


Joe Vipond


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