Support an Indigenous Gathering Place for Calgary

As a member of the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, the Calgary Climate Hub has made a commitment to supporting the work of the Reconciliation Research Action Team. Taking action on Truth and Reconciliation is central to climate justice. You can take action by writing to your City Councillor and the Mayor this week voicing your support for an Indigenous Gathering Place. 

You can use the campaign page on the Alliance website to send a letter. If you wish, you can edit the letter to make it more personal. 


There are over 500 places in Calgary devoted to cultures and spirituality and not one is specifically intended for Indigenous peoples. Indigenous peoples have been asking for an Indigenous Gathering Place for many years. It's time to act. 

On February 15, Council will vote on a motion to transfer land for the Indigenous Gathering Place. 

Such a place matters not only to Indigenous peoples as a place of sharing, connecting, healing, renewal and celebration of Indigenous cultures. It offers to all Calgarians a space to learn and grow in their commitment to truth and reconciliation in action. 

Learn more about why Calgary needs an Indigenous Gathering Place here.

If you want to send your own message, you can use [email protected] to email all councillors and [email protected] to email the mayor.

Ask them to please vote “yes” on Feb 15th on the motion of Indigenous Gathering Place Land Transfer brought forward by Councillors Evan Spencer and Terry Wong.