The Calgary Climate Hub has composed this open letter to all Calgarian Candidates and Provincial Parties. We believe the public should have a clear understanding of all parties' and every candidate's climate plans in preparation to vote in the 2019 Provincial Election.

UPDATE: Click Here to View Candidate Responses


Calgarians Deserve to Know Provincial Candidates' (and Parties')

Climate Action Plans

We are asking that they answer these 5 questions below by April 4th.  We will be publishing their responses to these questions here as well as making the information widely available to the public. 


Climate Questions for Political Parties and Candidates


  • Do you acknowledge the global scientific consensus on the facts of Climate Change?



  • According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, climate change will cause increased damage from floods, wildfires, heat and droughts. What specific actions would you take to mitigate and adapt to these risks in order to protect the province we love?


  • Are you supportive of a provincial carbon levy as a tool to reduce emissions, and fund public infrastructure and energy innovation? If not, what other policy/policies would you propose in its place to achieve similar goals?


  • As the world economy transitions toward cleaner energy sources, what would you/your government do to protect and assist workers in current fossil fuel industries as we diversify our economy?


Kurt Archer


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