Remember last spring, before COVID-19? We may look back on the 'before times' thinking it was normal, but it wasn't. Normal was a crisis. Now, as we begin to re-start our economy, we need to think about what we want for our city once the pandemic is over.

The Calgary Climate Hub's Green Stimulus campaign is the effort to remind our elected officials that any new funding for infrastructure or other stimulus must consider climate impact as well as a just transition to a clean energy economy. We are working with City Council to ensure five key climate priorities and support for the most vulnerable:

  1. Invest in energy-efficient buildings, including the four capital buildings (Event Centre, Fieldhouse, BMO Centre and Arts Commons)
  2. Make ENMAX net-zero by 2050, with 25 per cent renewables by 2030
  3. Implement and fund the Climate Resilience Strategy
  4. Continue investing in active transportation to provide healthy and affordable options for all Calgarians
  5. Review options to generate additional revenues to capture the real social and environmental costs of services and mitigate the cost of growth.

Find a copy of the Hub's submission here.

You can help by writing an email to your Councillor and the Mayor in three simple steps: 

Step 1: 

Find your councillor’s email address here.

Don’t know who your councillor is? Check your ward here.

Step 2:

Add Mayor Nenshi’s email address: [email protected] and the address of the City Clerk office: [email protected]

Step 3:

Write your email/letter

Note: To be effective, your letter should be as personal as possible. The template below provides you with some ideas. Build on it: use your own words and ask your own questions based on your concerns! Ask questions about how the City budget is advancing climate action.

Click here for a letter template (Word).

Kurt Archer


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