SUCCESS! Calgary Approves New Climate Strategy!

We did it! On July 5, Calgary City Council approved the Climate Strategy - Pathways to 2050, which sets a high-level strategic direction to get to net-zero by 2050. 

About 100 people showed up on the steps of City Hall and gathered in Council Chambers to show support for the Strategy.

People gathered on the steps of City Hall at noon to show support

The Strategy passed by a vote of 9-6. A big thank you to Councillors Wong, Spencer, Walcott, Dhaliwal, Carra, Penner, Mian, Demong, and Mayor Gondek for supporting the Strategy. 

Councillor Wong proposed amendments to make the Strategy stronger by directing Administration to:

  • Aspire to the 2035 Clean Electricity Standard goal, of the Federal Government's Net Zero by 2035 legislation, and include the goal as a shareholder recommendation in the strategic plans of wholly owned subsidiaries, as appropriate, to ensure that environmental, social and goverance (ESG) targets are responsive to the expectations of private sector partners, as well as provincial and federal regulators;
  • Address the federal goal of net-zero through electricity by 2035 within "Calgary Climate Strategy - Pathways to 2050" pertaining but not limited to points such as E1.1, E3.1 and E3.2

The amendments also passed 9-6.

This is a big win and showed that this Council can see through misinformation campaigns attempting to derail climate action. The majority of councillors who did not vote in favour were still open to thoughtful discussions about how to effectively tackle the Climate Emergency for Calgary.


Thank you to everyone who emailed or met with their councillor, and to those who came out to City Hall yesterday.

Thank you to our partners at the Calgary Alliance for the Common Good, and Action Dignity, Sustainable Calgary, and Project Calgary. Once again, we showed that we are stronger when we work together. 

Filing in to Council chambers

Media coverage:

What's Next?

Today we are going to take some time to celebrate. Send a thank you to the councillors who supported the Strategy.

Tomorrow, we can start work on making sure the Strategy is implemented. In the short term, that means:

  • Reminding Council that approving new developments and continued urban sprawl is incompatible with achieving our climate goals. Send your letter here.
  • Thinking about the budget which comes to Council in November. What are the most effective areas for The City to invest in over the next four years?

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Joan Lawrence


Writer, interpretive planner, climate activist in Treaty 7 territory.