A Green Stimulus and a Just Recovery

One thing we've learned from the pandemic is that individual actions are important, but we also need government action. As governments look for areas to invest to help Canadians recover from the effects of the lockdown, they will be making choices that affect whether we will avoid the worst effects of the looming climate crisis. 

The Calgary Climate Hub has followed the advice of the Alberta Narratives Project to ask for investment in specific areas. You can help by writing to your elected officials at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. Learn how to write an effective letter to an elected official here.

Add your voice on social media. Follow and retweet us @ClimateHubYYC. Submit a letter to the Editor in support of articles and opinion pieces that encourage a green recovery. Learn more about how to write a letter to the Editor here

What to ask for:

Federal: Strengthen the climate legislation

  • A 2025 milestone for emissions reduction
  • A stronger emissions reduction target of at least 50% by 2030, to align with IPCC recommendations, that is enshrined in law
  • 5 year carbon budgets to keep on track
  • A clear legal duty to reach set targets so that they endure governments of the future
  • Clearly defined and robust roles for an independent advisory body that must include climate science experts to help set targets, review, assess, and report on progress.

Consider also asking for better support to help oil and gas workers to transition to the green economy.

Find your MP here.

Provincial: Insist that Alberta needs to cooperate with the federal government on meeting national targets.

  • We are head and shoulders above other Provinces in terms of GHG emissions
  • We have a high portion of responsibility
  • Opportunities abound for cooperation: energy efficiency programs, reducing methane leakage, retraining for coal, oil and gas workers, building new industries with low-carbon jobs for a new, cleaner economy

Find your MLA here.

Municipal: Implement the Climate Resilience Strategy

  • Apply the climate lens to transportation and land use planning
  • Encourage the revitalization of downtown
  • Support the Green Line LRT to connect under-served areas to transit
  • Support climate justice by ensuring that all Calgarians have equal access to low-carbon transportation such as transit, walking and cycling

Find your councillor here.

For more ideas, read the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment report on a healthy recovery here.